2016 SMM3-GUN

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It seems we need a little clarification of the 2016 walk through policy. In previous years, the published Walk-Through Policy was as follows:

“On Wednesday & Thursday, if no competitors are shooting, preparing to shoot or scoring the stage, the Range Master has approved registered competitors only to enter or move through a course of fire. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, competitors may enter or move through a course of fire only with prior approval of a Range Officer assigned to that course of fire, or the Range Master. At no times are props to be activated, reset, or should anyone be downrange.”

For the 2016 match only, the Range Master is simply WITHOLDING his approval for anyone to enter or move through the course of fire prior to their scheduled briefing time. This is the only match-wide Walk-Through Policy change for the 2016 event, and the change is being made for reasons that will become clear when competitors arrive. Everyone will still get their full 5-minute squad walk-through, and folks will be relieved to hear they still get to help reset the stages for their squadmates.

Nothing in the 2016 Walk-Through Policy in any way prevents competitors or spectators from observing the stage layouts from the spectator area (i.e. behind the rope line). Indeed, because of the full-day schedule, competitors should have ample time to enjoy watching others shooting the stages. We hope this will minimize any disadvantage for the first shooter of the squad on any given stage.

Lastly, we want to emphasize that the Range Master will be taking great care to ensure that the change to the 2016 Walk-Through Policy will not create any problems with competitive equity.

The registration process is over and the match is full.  Those who made it in should have received notification.  As soon as the payment process is complete we will notify everyone on the wait list.  Check our Registration page for full details.

We are all thankful to all of our match sponsors. Please take the time to check out our sponsors page and make sure to let them know how much you appreciate their contributions to our match, especially if you won one of the great prizes they donated. Remember them when you are buying or recommending gear and hopefully we will all continue to enjoy their generosity.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor contact our Prize Coordinator Mick Bjelopavlik at prizecoordinator@SMM3GUN.COM



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April 1st – 3rd, 2016