• Do we have to chronograph? We will be randomly chonographing Heavy Metal Division Competitors. Other divisions do not have an assigned power factor and will not be chronographed.
    • What kind of shotgun ammo should I bring? Most shooters use #7½ or #8 birdshot for frangible and/or close reactive style targets. Shotgun slug targets may be reactive steel knock-down targets or cardboard IPSC targets ranging from 50-100 yards.  We have included 15 rounds of buckshot for one stage only this year.  Please keep in mind that using slugs or buckshot on ANY target that has not been specifically designated for those ammo types can result in a match DQ.  This is also true of the use of shot larger than #6 on any birdshot target in the event.
    • Will you be squadding? Yes, we will be squadding. The match begins at 0700 hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sunday shooting is scheduled to end in the early afternoon.
    • Can I shoot through? No, you may not “shoot through” the entire match in one day.
    • Will we be done early on Sunday? Sunday will be a full day. Shooting the stages ends around noon (hopefully,) then there will be the obligatory one hour “Protest Period” while you check your scores. Award presentations usually take 3-4 hours. Make your travel plans accordingly. You may have someone else walk the prize table for you but they need a written note signed by you and your shooting badge. See the Stats people for the form used to have someone else pick up your prize.
    • What will the weather be like? Typical morning temperatures are in the 40s warming to the 70s in the afternoon. Don’t forget our Shooter’s Banquet on Saturday night. Good food and lots of prizes.
    • IMPORTANT: A reminder about rule 3.4, which reads "ammunition containing tracer, incendiary, armor piercing, steel jacketed or steel/tungsten/penetrator core projectiles is unsafe and prohibited.".
       As well as being a match rule, all steel-containing projectiles are prohibited at the Rio Salado Sportsmans Club range due to the risk of fire. Possession of steel projectile ammo at the SMM3G match will be grounds for DQ, regardless of whether the ammo is used on a stage, on your belt, or in your range bag. Please leave all your steel ammo at home.
       Steel ammo FAQ:
       Q) The stage only has paper targets, so can I use my steel projectile ammo on this stage?
       A) No, steel projectiles are not OK, even if the stage has no steel targets. If we find any in your possession, you will be DQd.
       Q) My projectiles attract a magnet, but only because the jacket is steel. There is no penetrator core, so this ammo should not damage steel targets. Can I use my steel projectile ammo?
       A) No, steel projectiles are ANY projectiles that attract a magnet - not just projectiles with a penetrator core. Such ammo is banned at RSSC. If we find any in your possession, you will be DQd.
       Q) My ammo has a steel cartridge case that attracts a magnet - is it banned?
       A) Only steel projectiles are banned. Steel cases themselves are OK, but bear in mind that much of the ammo loaded in a steel case also has a steel projectile, so make sure you still check the projectile.
       Q) I checked my rifle ammo, so I should be OK, right?
       A) No, the steel ammo ban applies to rifle ammo, pistol ammo and shotgun ammo - check ALL your ammo (yes, we once had a guy bring steel birdshot to a 3-gun match).
       Q) My ammo is all commercial, not military surplus, so I should be OK, right?
       A) We had 5 competitors DQd last year for unsafe ammo. Several were using commercial ammo that was made with a steel jacket. Check all your projectiles with a magnet. If you forget to do this at home, a magnet will be available at registration and on every stage. Please take the time to do this check now - we hate DQing folks, but we will have no choice if we catch you at the match with ammo that attracts a magnet.

      Q) Why don't you publish the stages before the match?
       A) Because it's a mystery! DUH!

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